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Facing verified problem

Hi, I am nazmul sabur , From Bangladesh last month I create an account in Fiverr. last day some notification in my box. verified your account. I maintain all processes but facing some problems like your file must be at least 30 kb. my NID pic modified and file resolution creates 30 KB bt showing the same problem. How I can solve this problem ??? please give the solve way. Thanks, namulsabur


Hey, @nazmulsabur, welcome to Fiverr.
Fiverr requires clear and high resolution photo as well as scanned copy of your ID. Please ensure that you have a clear scan of your NID and save it as high resolution as possible. This will automatically make the size of your image much larger than 30kb as Fiverr’s requirement is at least 30kb. Meaning, it cannot be less than 30kb.
To avoid this problem, please make the size more than 30kb, not exact 30kb.
Hope it will fix your issue.


@nipeal thanks for your comments, Can I convert pic into Scan Pdf?

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