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Facing Withdraw Issue

My bank account is attached with Fiverr and today morning I withdraw $128 to my bank account. But It’s been more than an hour and I haven’t received any payment. And in the withdraw option it says, you have successfully withdrawn your amount. How much time it will take to receive the payment? or should I contact the Fiverr support?


@shabbirahmed0 hold on please, did u just said you connect your bank account to Fiverr ?? Cus Fiverr only accept Payoneer and PayPal and if you make use any of the two then you are save like wise ur funds.:wink:


@bossoff by saying

do you mean it is impossible to withdraw funds using the bank account means?? and if that is what you are saying, then why is the option available on the withdraw fund menu of fiverr?

Thanks, Payoneer was attached. I got the money :wink:



ENJOY :star_struck: :yum:

Thanks :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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You welcome brother :kissing_heart:

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Congrats bro you got your money chill

Congratulations and best wishes :tada::tada:

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