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Fack Job Post and Get Real Human Traffic From Fiver to There Website

Last 7 days i saw Some of Fiverr Buyer Post There Affiliates website link and say want like this site but it totally fack it one blog site where the post there products or blog and ger traffic from to increase there site rank and search
i attached two image i saw this page link in fiverr different buyer there are fack i think please review and give me solution


What kind of solution are you looking for?

If it’s a fake request, you can ignore it, or you can report it to Customer Support.

Or did you have some other kind of solution in mind?


I’ve seen it multiple times, now I’m used to ignore these kind of requests which looks fishy to me, as an experienced seller we can easily identify what is real and fake. I dont think fiverr checks for authenticity of job post when buyers posted it. There may be thousands of request per day, so the solution can be just to ignore it.


Thanks for your good opinion

here we can only send offer 10 within 24 hours if 50% fack time waste
and i think marketplace should take action against this
why they generate traffic from this super big market place ?
if fiverr run option to post job with charge why never do such kind of work

I dont think 50% are fake… it’s merely 10% at the max but still if you think those are fake why you’re wasting your time to put proposal on it… that we as a seller need to decide whether to entertain those buyers or not.

What if they will charge you to post the proposal as well ? Other marketplace already started doing so and then we have to put money in order to bid which again we’re not sure whether they will convert or not… thankfully on fiverr we have daily 10 bids, if at the worst scenario we’re not getting work we wont lose any money.

Report it to Customer Support, then. This is forum, we’re not Fiverr staff.

Are you repeatedly misspelling the word “fake”, or are you doing your best to get away with being vulgar? If it’s the latter, that’s being immature and unprofessional. Anyway, if you think a request is fake, don’t send your proposal.


I think you mean fake, not fack.

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