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Fail again and again (No order)

Last month I created my account and created 5 gigs. Some of person told me this gig is perfect, perfect description and perfect packaging but I have no order. Why?
See my gig and suggest me which will be good for getting order.

Landing page:

Full website create:

WordPress migration:

Facebook pixel and Autoresponder integrate:

SpeedUp and Wordpress SEO:

Marketing to continue. Now I need advance level marketing tips for my ordering Or change anything (Description and packaging) let me know. I accept comment from Fiverr expert.
Thank You…

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I’m going to comment only one of your gigs because there are so many things you could do to improve :slight_smile:

Here’s what you can do

  • The title says you’re offering a full website in 8 hours. Why? I haven’t seen your websites and I might be wrong, but unless you have a streamlined process and a team of people, I highly doubt your sites are effective, custom made, properly tested and optimized. Increase your delivery times and allocate more time for testing & optimizing. My average delivery time is 3-4 weeks and I haven’t had a single client who complained about the delivery time. A genuine buyer understands that revamping their online identity takes time and they are happy to wait if the end-result is worth it.
  • You’re offering unlimited revisions. Why? Buyers don’t have time to request 10 revisions. It shows lack of experience and know-how. If you know what you’re doing you don’t need more than 1-2 revisions. With unlimited revisions you’re attracting scammers and most likely you’ll be introduced to scope creep.
  • You’re offering WP installation for $10. Why? If your gig title says that you’re offering full website creation then why would a buyer only request WP installation? WP installation should be part of your main service not a separate package. If you wish to offer simple WP tasks and maintenance then create a separate gig for it.
  • You’re mentioning Avada theme and your Standard package($50) includes theme installation. Right now Avada costs $60 so how can you include that in your Standard package? Avada doesn’t have a developer’s license so you need to buy it separately for every client.
  • Hire a proofreader to go over your gig description.
  • Add better examples to your portfolio. For example, a designer would not use this color combination for overlay text or even place the text on such a busy background. It’s a minor detail, but an educated buyer pays attention to detail.



Thank you for your helpful comment.

awesome comment ,so thanks

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Thank you for your worda