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Fail to creat new gig, why ? Resolved


I always fail to create a new gig through android tablet. Fiverr said : file content type not jpeg.

Obviously the file is jpeg. Why does this happen ?

Not support mobile device ?

This gig I want to create :

I will sell pandan hat and paint your name on it


This happened to me at one point, and I swore the file as .jpeg. All I did was throw it into paint and re-saved it as .jpeg. I do not know if this will help you 'cause I was using a pc but it solved my problem.


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if you mean you get this this message after you have uploaded an image jpeg, I have seen this happen for me too (once or twice) & found that it was because my image exceeded the image size which should be 600 width x 370 height. The best place I find to edit pictures for free is Lunapics .com …Simply upload your image > go to edit > Resize image & then type in 600 & 370 where you see the measurement feature above the image or resize the image by clicking on & moving the image corners.

Once your done click “resize Image” (to the right of those measurements displayed & scroll down to the bottom of the image & click Download to Computer… Use that image for Fiverr.


is Lunapics can be downloaded from tablet at ?


That may work. Never used it myself.

One guy says:

Good for reducing image the size of very large jpegs. Has a simple cropping tool and intuitive image setting parameters. Would recommend for anyone who takes their photography seriously.