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Failed on delivery twice in a row, different sellers

What are the chances of having 2 sellers tell you they can have a research project done for you, with over a week to do it and then they both end up telling you the day it is due that they are sorry that their computer failed with no backup, or I thought my work was organized, but I missed our notes and thought the due date was later??? Yep just my luck, twice trying to use this site and twice screwed…Awesome!!!

I had 2 orders in a row like that on some of my early tries as a buyer. I found out quickly that I could usually lessen the chances greatly by choosing my sellers carefully. Sure, I still get burned once in a while but not often. I think it depends on what you are buying, but I tend to message sellers first and chat with them about the project. If they communicate well, seem like they are being honest with their profiles, and have a response time that matches what is typical on their profile, that’s a good start. If their profile shows a typical response time of 1 day but I don’t get an answer from them for 5 days, it’s a small red flag.

If I have an order where the deadline is very important to me and/or I need something special, I’m likely to buy from an established seller with a fair number of strong reviews. If I have some room to wiggle and I’m looking for a cheap price or something I don’t really have to have it fast, I’ll often take a gamble on someone fairly new or even brand new to help them build their profile. If I’ve seen them spam on the forum, if they seem dishonest about their language or skills, or if they use a fake stock profile photo I will probably rule them out automatically even if they have some good reviews.

I don’t know if that helps in your situation, but Fiverr is a kind of flea market with some junk and some amazing hidden gems. In the same way, you have to check the label and look for cracks! :slight_smile:

They’re probably the same person…
Seriously though what is it you want researched?***

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this issue 2x. I can assure you that not all sellers are incompetent with their gigs. I agree with what someone above me said “choose your sellers carefully” and message their inbox first to see how **** Fiverr is a fantastic platform you just need to sift through the ones that don’t put forth much effort on their end.

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