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Failed Tests: First-time caller, long-time listener

Hi all. I just took the basic English test as a requirement to post a new blog-content writing gig. I scored 39/40 and cleared it in under 10 minutes, but now the test is showing that I failed it. That’s right 0/40.

Is there any way around this? I hesitate to waste my time taking it again. Reading some of the posts about these tests, it seems some of you have dealt with the same issues.

Care to share, or at the very least commiserate?


Hi, I haven’t taken the tests but you can send a message to customer support along with screenshots that show your actual score and they can probably correct this for you. It sounds rather demoralizing, what happened with this. Or if you can’t get a screenshot ask if you can take it again.

I can tell from the way you write you wouldn’t get 0 out of 40.

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