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Failed to complete one requirement to become level one seller

Hello guys…I have completed my first 60 days at fiverr but I have failed to complete 1 requirement to become a levwl one seller…That is On time delivery…I have 75% one time delivery but I need 90%…I have failed to do that so is there another evaluation or I am staying at level one forever? please help


The evaluation date is the 15th of every month.

Switch to Selling and then click Analytics to view your individual statistics.

Scroll down the page.

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Evaluations happen 15th of every month.
So no, you won’t be stuck at level one forever.

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Also, consider adding another 24 hours to your published gig delivery time.

Remember, many people buy gigs because of the promised delivery time. If you promise 24 hours for example, then the seller will expect 24 hours.

Not all buyers will tolerate their seller asking for a time extension request.

Late orders can lead to buyer dissatisfaction which can result in poor feedback.


Always deliver your gig on time. Then you’ll be able to maintain the on time delivery rate with 100%. If you deliver 90% of your orders on time for past 60 days, you can go for the level 1 in the next evaluation. All the best!

:bulb: TIP - If you unable to deliver the gig on time due to unavoidable reason, don’t hesitate to visit the resolution center and request for extending the deadline. If that is reasonable, the buyer will extend the deadline!


The main problem is my first 60 days evaluation has 75% on time delivery but I need 90% to become level 1 seller …so if its possible to become level one seller anymore?

Yes, but only if you continue to make sales AND deliver the orders on time.

As @lloydsolutions has already said, the evaluation day is the 15th of each month.


Thank you so much buddy i was so worried about that…

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