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Failed to deliver order on time

I got my first order on fiverr and i am failed to deliver it on time because of some technical issues and my buyer given me negative ranting of 1 star. Now what to do ? how will it affect my profile ? should i create new account or should i work from old account ? please help me

You can’t create a new account, just move on an learn the lesson.

Ok thanks, but can i expect new orders now from buyers?

Well, that was a big delay! Clients can do that only if orders are late for 48 hours!

Anyway, you can not create a new account as @solow13 mentioned and you will have to convince your buyers that you are indeed will be responsible with their orders.


If what the buyer asked was difficult to deliver in the delivery time specified in the gig package you could increase the package’s delivery time. If that bad review stops you from getting orders and maybe also stops you from sending offers in the BR page, after a certain amount of time you could try contacting CS to see if they’d allow you to deactivate the current account and create a new one. They might not but it might be worth asking if it stops you getting orders.


thanks for information