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Failed to deliver the order unexpectedly (Need Help)

I promise to my buyer that I will deliver work within 12 hours and I was doing my work, but when I finish about 50% work I have faced a problem with my PC. My PC restarting and restarting that’s why I failed to do the rest of the work. I told about that to my buyer. He upset to hear about it and also angry with me, but I was helpless. The buyer asks for the work that I did because he have no more time in hand. I give him 50% work and also cancel order to give him a refund. The buyer is now unresponsive, he has not respond yet. What can I do at this time?

Don’t worry so much. You tried your best, that’s enough. Stuff happens! Forget about it and chill. Cute profile picture, btw.

Reply to @yourguidetoseo: Thank you so much. Yeah, I tried my best and I also try to convince my buyer and I told him about my unexpected problem. But is there any chance that buyer angry with me and then report about me which can affect my profile.