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Failed to download files from buyer

I’m facing a problem on Fiverr now that I am unable to download any attachments from Fiverr, being that files from Order Requirements or my own previous deliveries. It is showing “Failed-Network Error”.

I’m sure I’ve tried everything by now, from clearing browser history/cache/etc to trying from every single device I could find at home.

It seems like the servers are down or something. Customer Support is contacted, but I was just wondering if there is a magic trick I could try in the meantime? Or is anyone else experiencing this?

Can someone help me, please!

If you’ve tried everything and contacted support you could try asking the buyer if they could link to the files on dropbox or something.

is dropbox or any other link is safe ? and work with Fiverr T&C ?

I’m sure Fiverr has in the past said dropbox was okay to use. You could check with them in your support ticket if you want confirmation on that.

Make sure you don’t have them use any link options that require email addresses though. Just use the one that allows anyone with the link to get the file.

Thank you so much, for your valuable response.

I once faced a similar issue where I couldn’t download an attachment from a custom offer request the buyer sent. I contacted CS and they just sent me the file. That’s the only way I managed to get it.

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Hi, Thank you so much for your response.

My one question is that “Do I have to talk to CS every time I have this problem?”

I’m afraid so. It’s a rare and quite possible a temporary issue.

Thank you! Hope all good.