Failed to pass review


Please help me. My fiverr gig always failed to pass review. Please help.

Fail to pass review

What are you trying to sell?

Is it possible you’re keyword stuffing? Your titles look keyword heavy, repeating the same thing twice.


We need to see it to be able to say why it doesn’t pass review.

Can you copy and paste the description here please?


Providing document editing service.


It’s document editing service. JPG PDF PNG PSD document editing service.


Are you able to post your gig description text like Miss Crystal asked? Hopefully, we’ll be able to find what went wrong in there.


Gig title: I will edit document edit document

Do you have any problem and mistake in your document. If yes than let me do this. I am here to solve this problem.

My Services:

Text adding/removing
JPG document text editing
PDF document text editing
PNG document text editing
PSD document text editing
Microsoft Word text editng

Any types of document related service I can provide you.

Please inbox me before any order to avoid misunderstanding.

Thank You.


Please help me Madam.


You’ve already got a gig with the same title and description as you’ve stated above.


I didn’t understand. Can you please tell me it more briefly? Please.


You’ve already got this gig:

You can’t have another one the same.


oh. I can’t use it for 2 gigs?


No, your gigs have to be different. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please stop deleting your replies!

Your gigs have to be different - you might want to ask CS about anything else.


I am providing document editing service. So I want to provide document editing service with 2 gigs which everything will be different. Can I do that?


No you can’t so that’s why it didn’t pass review.


What you put in the gig which wouldn’t pass the review wasn’t different though.

You’ve also got this one which seems very similar:

You’ve also got 3 background removal gigs - I really do think CS might see it as pushing your luck with all these ‘almost identical’ type gigs. You’re likely to have them removed, or worse…


If it’s the same service, no, you can’t.

Duplicate gigs aren’t allowed on Fiverr, so please stop trying to create them. If you keep creating gigs that get removed or don’t pass the review, you could get your account banned.

If you think that you will get more orders with duplicate gigs, you won’t. You will only get punished for trying to manipulate the system.