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Failed to save Gig after complete pricing page

Tried to save new gig but it only show “Saving your Gig…” after click save and continue button in Pricing page. It shows in gigs tab but failed to save in same place. Only can cancel button.
Thank you


i also faced the issue with pricing page even i completed all the details, some errors are coming with the title and description. cannot complete. please help

I tried to save after pricing page (Save & Continue) it didn’t saved and only rotating gif shows. I tried exit from that page and try gigs page, But only shows first page.

Are you try copy paste? try typing.

I HAVE saved my pricing page, I’ve eliminated all the previous bugs it said I had, and now it STILL won’t allow me past the PRICING tab.

@sandun365 I followed another post, any of these could be your error:

  • List item ONLY use the comma character, no brackets, no full stops (periods), no exclamation marks, nothing.
  • List item Don’t use ALL CAPS
  • List item All your packages look identical except for the NUMBER of posters, it doesn’t make sense to do that, I think they want you to make them more different from each other.

See if any of that worked.
p.s. Also sometimes the error message says “Title” but an error can be in a description field, it’s not clear at all…