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Failed to sell, HELP

I have months trying to sell something on Fiverr, it sounds silly but it took more than four months and nothing I changed my titles several gigs and trying to make it more flashy but have not been successful, What would you recommend to start selling?

I don’t know if my suggestions will help, but they might be worth a try. One, I would add a tagline in English. There are many, many buyers on Fiverr who are multi-lingual but most of them use English for business communications. You don’t have a tagline right now and your profile is not currently defaulted to English.

I would also suggest that you create content for your profile and make it in fluent English as well. Go read other profiles by sellers who are successful. Don’t copy any of them word for word, but get an idea of what successful sellers tend to write in their profiles. A blank profile makes buyers wonder who they are dealing with and may cause them to be concerned that your gigs are scams. In the same way, at least temporarily I would switch your profile photo to a real photo. Your “cartooon” photo might be good later on when you have some sales since it might even show your skills. In the beginning, though, it can increase the chances that buyers are afraid to try you out.

You are selling gigs in areas that are highly competitive so that makes it even tougher. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell, but you may have to push extra-hard. Look at Buyer Requests, ignore the sellers using it wrong and look for buyers who want to buy something you can do. It doesn’t hurt to promote your gigs on social media. Ad videos to your gigs as well to help bump them up in search. If you don’t know how to make a video, you can hire someone to do a simple explainer video or a slideshow.

If you can think of a gig to add that is more unique, add it. Even if it only draws buyers to consider you, that also contributes to a knowledge of who you are. If you don’t have a unique skill and need time to acquire one, consider other unique gigs that don’t require extra skill. For example, try a gig offering to hold up a sign in front of an interesting place in your region. If you can sing or know someone who can, offer a gig making a video of you or a friend singing a birthday song. If you can’t sing, offer a gig making a comedy video of you singing badly. Anything that can set you apart from the crowd.

Good luck!

I only have sold 2 gigs from one client who came back. But since that I haven´t got more clients. I haven´t browsed everything on Fiverr so I personally need more time to learn more as I just joined Fiverr this month. I will be on Fiverr for a while and try to advertise it (too bad I don´t use Twitter, etc, maybe I should make one). If nothing comes I will quit Fiverr and find something else to keep me busy.

BTW, I found 3 of your 5 gigs that you sell are very interesting. I reckon if you improve your gigs´ description you will get buyers.

What services are you providing

Hi there, you’ve got nice gigs anacrss09. I can’t find a reason why there are not many orders, other than that there is huge antagonism in your niche. But keep optimistic and advertising in social media. Fonthaunt gave you some great tips already.

all the best! :slight_smile:

I think you should write your tagline in English. Also, use your social media for market your gigs

thanks, I will begin to follow your suggestions :smiley:

thank you very much, I appreciate your suggestion. :smiley:

thank you very much!