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Failing to get First gig order!

really really frustrated and depressed about the fact that i am not getting any orders at all. i am a beginner.but if no one is supposed to give a chance then how am i gonna start!


Sorry to hear! How long have you’re gigs been active?

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I am also trying to get the Order.


these is pandemic time. everyone face this problem now.

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my gigs been active for about a month. can u check it about and tell me whats wrong with my gig?

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I think your gig looks pretty good! The only things I would recommend are perhaps adding a video that explains why people would work with you. Either that. Or you could ad a picture that shows an example of your writing. You say all the right things in your gig, but people want to see an example of your writing. That may help them buy if they can see proof. Good luck!


Thank you very much todd for your advice. i will surely look into the matter.

Brother saw you gig and find space for few improvements…

  1. Your Profile photo is not clear…The face is not visible

Improvement: Take a picture in good light, where your shoulders are visible and face is bright …remove the background.

  1. Your gig images use Stock images that a bad sign of quality.

Improvement: Use pic without Watermark of i stock…include your own pic…because people love people.

  1. Your gig tags are off the charts…means they are low competitive keywords in term of competitors but also low in term of queue orders ona specific Keyword.

Improvement: Use keyword on which gigs have queue orders.

  1. Use Buyers request

Bonus: 1st Order is never easy. Show your work to friends and family and ask them if they buy your gig. Different people on 4 day time then order…4-5 day second order. This is strategy.

People Trust Review. Even they are from family or friends

take upto 10 orders…there you go …orders come one by one boom

Improvement: Go to youtube and find plenty of channels for gig improvement for tips.


Thank you brother! i will make the changes you have asked.

Hi Azan,
I read all your article and all tips are very useful to me but i have a question to you ,
I get my first order in 18 February but did not get the 2nd order yet.
Could you help about the matter?

thanks .

Its ok your gigs… This Corona season will lose our possibilities…I think everyone in fiver will be affecting the same situation, not only one person. so lets wait for a good condition. thank you


@ifti_chowdhury I have reviewed your profile and would like to give you some suggestions based on my experience.

  1. You are giving the service of article writing and none of your tag is of “article”
  2. Use main keyword in your gig tags
  3. Write the text on image of which service you are providing.
  4. Write more in the gig packages, don’t just write 300 words etc.
  5. Do social sharing of your gigs on facebook, twitter etc.
  6. Keep experimenting with your tags and description if that does’nt performs good.
  7. Keep sending buyer requests dailly.

Last thing, Fiverr always takes time to get first order. It all depends on how you work. So just word hard and have patience.

Good Luck!

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Be patient brother,
You got lot of tips here,
You can apply that

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Be cool …Keep on trying
And share your gig through social media and be in online all the time .


Ok bro, thanks for your suggestion. I would Improve it for sure

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