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Failing to Meet Current Level Requirements

Hey all,

I had to ask, if you are failed to maintain level 2 requirements. For example, if your order completion becomes less than 90%. Will fiverr remove your badge instantly or wait for next evaluation?


You will be demoted to level 1

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Even before next evaluation date?

No, not before.
Promotion/Demotion are always on evaluation date which is 15th of every month. So, if your current rating falls below requirement, you just have to step it up by receiving orders and completing them before 15th.


Thanks a lot for your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are welcome :handshake:

Evaluation is when it takes effect so you may have time to get your percentage back up.

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He’s asking if he will lose his badge immediately… he won’t, it will change on evaluation day though.

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Thanks, it really helped :smile:

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Fiverr would have to wait till the next evolution, but you might get back to 90% if you get order’s, good feedback, and rating during this period before the evolution…