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Fair trade or just cheap. Need a HELP!


Hello dear forum people, we are new on Fiverr, we trying hard, we have a few totally different gigs an so on. We love getting new projects but still we don’t have any order. We did some reaserch and we see that cheap work is still most popular. But cheap does not mean always good, am I right? We are artists, we had a long study time and I don’t see any posibility that this school was for making video animation for 5 bugs.

I will be very glad for some tips, how to start with fair trade price.

Thank you a lot!


Fair (which I’m assuming is what you meant) is a funny thing. In business there is no “fair” pricing. You say you are new, so I’ll try to explain before @jonbaas goes full Billy Jack on you.

Everyone on fiverr was new once. If they are successful, they also had to navigate among a bunch of people who were there first, had to do lots of really cheap work to build up reviews and thereby their visibility.

You see, if you open a little coffee shop next to Starbucks, are you really going to expect people to come to you and pay $6 for a coffee out of fairness because you exist? Of course not.

What are you doing to promote your business?

My concern is that you are new, and you have done nothing to make your business stand out yet you are already looking for some way to increase prices while you have no orders.


Word hard and pay your dues doing any work you can get.
Develop a better than the rest service that demands people buy it.
Take responsibility for your own success.
Prove you are the best through sales and reviews. Only your mom thinks you are special.

Then you can charge more than 5 bugs for your work. If no one is buying at $5, why are you worried about pricing? You need customers before you worry about upping your price.


Not same. I always buy bannanas for fair trade market, not the cheapest one… I hate starbucks capitalistic coffee because people must have rights every, black, white yellow. That’s my point. I never will do something which costs me one week work for 5$ only for promote myself. The only reason is friends or project with art value .But somehowe understand what you meen… Different people we are.


You are going to do very well here. Very well indeed.


I’m sure that your shoe is from china. Happily i’m from different planet.


That explains everything.




Probably, but what does it matter? You can ask whatever you want for your service and if it’s worth it then you’ll get orders. If you don’t get orders then either you overpriced your service or your target audience is not here on Fiverr.

Higher price doesn’t guarantee premium quality either.

We have no idea why you went to school or what they taught you :slight_smile:
You should know the answer to this.