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Fairly new and need a little help with Logo/Intros for YouTube videos

I’m quite new to fiverr, and want to use the site for a couple of things (to start with). I have an established youtube channel of Curry.
I use Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 Suite for editing my videos. I have a medium level of skill, but not enough to create professional quality stuff myself.

a) A Logo based on an existing .PNG file I created in Open Office Draw (quite basic). I want it to look more professional in appearance, buy keep the general colour scheme (orange/red/yellow), the four letters, and a bold font. I’m sure this would be an easy job for someone. Anyone recommend what could be done ?

b) An intro (is 7 seconds the norm?) using the Logo designed (see above) featuring effects such as fire, lava, steam, mist etc. Oranges, Reds, Yellows… i.e. warm fiery colours and effects that go with the theme of my videos (curry). Do fiverr videos have backgrounf transparency usually? Anyone suggest any ideas ?

I’m not sure if posting youtube links is allowed, so I won’t provide a link to my YouTube channel, but my TY username is MISTYRICARDO. You can search and find my work there.

Any help much appreciated.

I would suggest you look for a skilled active seller or two and message directly. A logo expert with a strong history and design background could advise you, though you may need to buy a gig for a complex consultation. The same goes for finding a seller with good video creation and editing skills. Your needs and questions are fairly specific so the forum isn’t ideal for this. Good luck!

You can also Upload a Buyer Request. People will Send you their offers and you can choose the one you want to work. Only choose the Guy who is Honest in their offer and is not just Using the same Description in their offer. It is a Difficult thing for anyone to find the right man but its worth the try.

hi I would be more then glad to take on your request message me on fivers for more details on what I can do for you and I can run through what you want