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Fake accounts😠😠😠

I bought a dance gig from a seller and they are no longer on fiverr, however looking around, I found the same gig with the same dancers and same outfits and same routines performed to a different song; now I know they are scanning people by creating new accounts.

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Maybe that old seller account is banned from Fiverr. And that seller create another new account.
If so, you can choose the report that seller.

But maybe that seller has the permission to create another account.
Don’t anyhow assume without any evidence :slight_smile:

And you are not allow to mention any seller name on Forum. It’s against the rule


I have evidence, they sold the same dance video to another buyer (same girls, same dance routine, same clothes) the buyer just edited the song.

I think that is the evidence, right?

If you got a replica of the same video, then yes, you got enough evidence to show it as proof.

How do I report the seller? Ive been looking bit I cannot find it.

I’ve seen that they have 3 account

You can do it in both ways:

  1. Go to seller’s Gig and you should see a report button at the top-right.
  2. Go to seller’s profile and under its username it will be an option to report it.

I prefer to report it through the Gig, it’s more specific.

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Cool thanks a lot, I’ve seen that they are scanning lots of people or they are fake reviews because 4 people replied to the same replica video as mine.

I cannot report it on the Mobil version, I will do it on desktop.

That is also against Fiverr TOS to do that as a Seller. While reporting, be sure to mention fake reviews too.

It’s really depends on the seller gig description.
Their gig is about creating a dance with buyer music.
The seller is able to reuse their OWN content with different music

I will do, thanks for your help

I think you misunderstood the entire thing.
There only 1 side of the story ( by the OP) . If you see the seller gig, the seller is using their own video with different music.
Same dancing video with buyer’s music.

@eathepro From what I see, there’s nothing wrong with that. The seller also didnt mention " I will create CUSTOM dance video for you"

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