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This seller: fragglesrock is a fake. I ordered a gig of 1,000,000 youtube views but after over 10 days I did not get anything at all. This seller also requires that buyers leave a positive feedback before he gives the gig (fragglesrock ).

His email is also turned off so he cannot be contacted. The customer service also has not responded to my request.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other sellers is not allowed. Please follow the rules and remember that you need to take your reports directly to Customer Support. This thread has been moved to “Ranting Pot”


should I file with paypal to get the refund?


I don’t even know where to begin with this… :-t


There were SO many reasons/clues that you should have seen in advance that this gig was either not going to work well, or was a violation of ToS (rules). Yet you went along with it. No one deserves to be a victim, but it is easier to be sympathetic to someone who did not willingly join in creating the problem.

If anyone can undo this, it could only be Fiverr Customer Service. If you go to PayPal and file a dispute, then you are just creating more work for Fiverr to deal with, and since you are parly to blame for this mess of a transaction, they might find it easier to cancel your account too. (How much did you pay? Is it really worth the trouble?)

Kind of like agreeing to buy a stolen car, then complaining to police and your bank when the thief fails to deliver the car to you.


If a seller does not deliver in time or at all, there should be a way buyers can cancel the order and be refunded. I think fiverr should look into that. I have ordered a gig that was due more than a week ago, but I am still waiting. The seller hasn’t responded and I want to cancel the gig but there is no provision for doing so.


I understand your frustration but:

  • Don't call out the name of sellers or buyers on forum; probably a sheriff will remove the name and change if with fragglesrock

  • you cannot contact the seller using his email, it's against Fiverr TOS and you can get banned for this

I think you can simply reject the order telling the seller your reasons.... and then wait...
Don't file a cancellation with Paypal, 'cause you can get troubles with your Fiverr account; if you reject the order (or cancel it if seller is not going to help you) you'll have your money back to your Fiverr account.


Is it possible to reject or cancel an order after it has been declared as “completed”? I do not see such provision on fiverr.

I admit it was my mistake. This was the very first gig that I ordered and I am still new to fiverr.


I am having a horrible expereince right now where I was promissed USA and Canadian Likes…they were all 99% fake Russian or Eastern European or old profiles. I emailed the seller to complain and he ignored my issue. I asked for a mutual cancellation request and he declined it. I had an exchange of emails with customer service though a ticket. I sent proof and I am told they won’t do anything as “they protect both me and the seller”. This site is BS.


Why do people still keep purchasing facebook likes?? It’s almost laughable at this point… #-o


A million views? On its face, this appears to be impossible using any legal means, legal as far as Google is concerned anyways. If the apple appears to be unnaturally shiny and delicious look for what is being hidden from sight.

People eager to get YouTube views (advertisement clicks?) are distracted by shiny objects, in this case, a million views for 5 dollars or a few dollars more than that, extras may have been involved.

You cannot legitimately sell on Fiverr and get rich overnight nor can you purchase something on Fiverr to get rich overnight.


I have the same issue seller did nothing and order are complet message i get ia hve writed menay message to seller no…response…what i can do…fiverr not haelping her sooo her is lot of fake ids …


I have personal knowledge of Fiverr CS shutting down gigs by sellers of illegal copies of commercial software when it was SPECIFICALLY pointed out to CS with gig ID numbers.

But I don’t have any way to know how or if they ever routinely go through active gig listings to find illegal or misleading gigs to delete. Seems more like they respond to clear and convincing complaints, but are not otherwise proactive in cutting bad gigs. It seems to take a complaint from a buyer or from an outside internet merchant or service which claims that Fiverr sellers offer things that violate that company’s ToS.

And new gigs being posted for the first time, or those being edited clearly seem to be looked at more closely than old gigs. The forum has plenty of mentions by frutrated new sellers about “inequity” when they are told they can’t post a new gig due to ToS, etc, when many old gigs seem to offer almost exactly the same things but don’t get reviewed or cut.


It is now a week since I started complaining to customer service regarding the fake seller. After many emails still no reply, no cancellation of gig and no refund.

I wonder if fiverr actually has a customer service with real humans?


Didn’t your mother tell you … if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t?

Caveat emptor holds true here as well and I warn my buyers about it!! :-c


I suffered the same, I think there should be a list of some sort for people to view before they order and we as customers should be able to name and shame these culprit