Fake and multiple accounts on Fiverr


This is from multiple encounters with different sellers on fiverr.

I’m a seller and i also use Fiverr Services to purchase one-many gigs for delightful experience. I’m including some of encounters which are not ethical and raises concerns on fiverr quality. I’m entrepreneur and a tech person, i know many aspects of how things work and i can understand difference between genuine and fake so please try not to judge me before reading everything.

1st experience.
A buyer “C” contacted me as he had a lot of errors to solve on his website. He was furious as his website was a mess. I needed to contact the previous seller from Fiverr to know more about work he did. buyer sent me name of seller “X” (lvl 2 seller) he purchased gig from. When i contacted him on Fiverr the person’s location was England and he couldn’t type English properly. He mentioned to contact some one else “Y” as he was the actual person who worked.

As i talked with client he was broke as he had to wait a month for a crappy and faulty website. He said he purchased gig from X but found out later that Y was the actual person to work on website.
Probably Mr. X had top reputation and enough stars to attract buyers.
Mr Y was just a beginner though with few five star ratings.

Now why this concerns me?
While i’m working my arse off to satisfy clients and get genuine reviews to make myself popular on Fiverr, people like Mr. X are just earning LOOOTTT for referring to beginners. Buyer wouldn’t have known if he didn’t had lot of issues with his website about Mr. Y.

2nd Experience (Many similar but i will conclude in one)
Whenever i used to purchase some gigs and leave 5 star reviews, indeed i liked the work. I got messages from same client or from some other accounts to buy things from them and help them increase their reviews. Do you think they’re really their friends? If they’re friends everyone is doing same job and every time they have to recommend friends.Why any seller would let go a potential customer?
Obviously They’re using multiple accounts right!?

Why this concerns me?
Having multiple accounts are not right as per Fiverr policy.
Some person with multiple fake accounts and location will just list him multiple times on Fiverr and he gets double leads while people like me barely get single message from newly generated gig for months.
It’s so not right to many “DOERS” like me as we work hard to be very professional following rules from Fiverr. while we know others are just following prohibited practices.
New gigs gets left out from promotion because Fiverr will show the one with more reviews on top priority. And these are SO FAKE!

Probably some people won’t agree with all of my points but that’s how it’s working now. People with duplicate accounts and Revenue from Beginners.

I feel disappointed and sad as i’ve been working by the rules and i can see the people doing wrong things. I just wanted to raise my voice so Fiverr will do something to avoid such things.

Please share your thoughts and experiences to help each other and try to prevent unethical activities on a great platform.


I have found that I prefer not to think about what other sellers are doing on fiverr. I know there are some doing things that make buyers unhappy, or they break rules, but it does no good to dwell on it since I am only responsible for my own work.

New gigs are shown prominently at first to allow them to gain some sales and momentum.


You’re quite right @misscrystal - there are sellers doing things they shouldn’t, but worrying about it is a waste of time and energy, which we can spend on our own gigs etc.

Fiverr will catch them out eventually!


I will agree to your thoughts. Not to waste my time thinking about it and I should mind my own business and keep doing what i believe and supposed to,
But i come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi. We truly believe as he suggested "watching a sin and not doing anything about it makes it two"
It’s not causing me any problem at the moment but since it’s becoming widely popular to use unethical practice on fiverr we all loose valuable leads and trust which is the pillar of the website. If it continues same way in near future the website may loose trust of buyers and that will impact thousands.


[spoiler]You are also from the land of Saint Kabir, here’s a doha from him (In Hindi) -

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय,
जो दिल खोजा आपना, मुझसे बुरा न कोय।

Quick Moral: Do your own work, don’t try to find the evil within others.[/spoiler]


Outsourcing is absolutely fine. What is wrong in it if I am too busy to do an order and give it to another new seller to do it? I made a profit from it, the new seller got a review and the buyer has received his work done.


Yup It’s totally fine, But in case i explained he just directed client to another seller when he wanted to optimize his errors. The middle person didn’t care to solve it on his own or find someone else who really can. So he’s just earning the commission for doing nothing.


There is nothing wrong with it.
Google : Outsourcing


It’s a perfect business model - arbitrage, outsourcing, whatever you want to call it.

I know most of my orders are from resellers - they sell my work to their clients - fine by me, I don’t have to find clients myself.


I do wonder how much they are charging…


No idea - quite often I think mine are given away as a ‘foot in the door’.


I wonder about that too. I guess 5xx around. and half to the person who worked actually.


There is nothing wrong with it when the original seller (the one who the buyer purchases from) takes responsibility for making sure the work is up to scratch and meet their high quality standards.

When it gets frustrating for the buyer, is if they pay for work from seller X, noting their good reviews and quality work history, but actually end up getting work from seller Y without realising and instead get substandard work, because seller X didn’t take responsibility to ensure the work was good. If you are reselling, you need to see the order through to the end and deal with any issues that might arise.

Many resellers don’t care about the quality of the work they outsource and just want to take their cut and make some money out of the process, which is when problems arise in my experience. It often isn’t a client centric approach, more of a how can I make lots of money through arbitrage and do as little work as possible approach.