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Fake article writers

Recently I have came across these fake writers. Here is what they do:
copypaste an existing article, change most of the characters to non-ascii ones, that look like exactly the ascii pair of them. Plagiarism checkers will not recognize this, so you might think that you get a unique article, while you only have some rubbish string of characters, that looks like real text.

beware, and check your articles with an escape tool as well.

Wow, this is the 25th time I’ve seen this hot tip this year!

Don’t be cheap and most of these issues disappear.

Yeah that’s bad, hope people are able to catch these fake writers!

The title of the forum group: "Tips for Buyers"
was obviously not meant for you.

unfortunately it is not possible to rate them when they refunded. Is there any place where I can report such activity, or is it completely normal to offer such services here?

Customer Support.

I did offer a tip for buyers though. Don’t be cheap! Or mealy-mouthed, come to think of it.


hesitant or afraid to speak plainly; not outspoken

Great writing takes time and skill. Look for writers with a record of excellent feedback. Though some buyers may be looking for quick spun articles, I can’t imagine substandard writing adding any value to a site or publication. Many good writers don’t charge substantially more for their work on Fiverr. No one wants to ask for refunds or hassle with lengthy searches. Save yourself time and frustration, hire a writer who actually writes, if that is what you want.

Well that’s new… and clever. Very clever. But also misleading and probably illegal.

I’ve seen writers with excellent feedback doing this. The problem is that you cannot give feedback if you got refunded, so they easily get away with this.

New? This is like the millionth post in months. It just shows that someone went for cheap and got cheap. Again.

It is rather new for me, i guess since I’m new + naive maybe. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this. But I’ll agree on the latter, if you pay peanuts you aren’t going to get caviar.

I think when saying, “Don’t be cheap” what you mean is take the time to find someone who actually has a well-written profile. Don’t pick the very first person you see in the search and wonder you aren’t getting the best blogs. If someone is willing to write 30 blogs in two day for $15 they are scamming you.

I am a professional content writer and it takes me 2-3 with research to write a blog that will actually provide value to your business and to readers. There is no exception unless it’s something I have extensive effort in. Quality always takes time, remember that.

you still don’t get it. As I’ve stated these include writers with good feedback, and a price not really below par.

Not only new arrivals with “i will write 20 articles in 1 days for 5$”…

So, as a conclusion: just because someone is expensive, like you, it does not mean you will not be scammed.

Cheap doesn’t mean fake!

Oh, I get it, you just don’t want to accept it. I don’t know how much you paid, but it was little enough to put you on a scammer’s radar: so, cheap. The feedback is only a part of the story: not everyone will check to see that their article hasn’t been aschiid up or whatever, and a cancellation in most cases means no bad review.

You might think I’m expensive, which tells me you are cheap, as you place value on the price, rather than the potential that good writing has to drive sales, click-through rates, etc etc etc.

But no…I don’t get it. You are right on one point though, you can get scammed at any price point–just as those rich guys who got scammed by Bernie Madoff. You’re not safe!

To anyone who has this problem with writers, just report them to Customer Service. Don’t bother posting about it here, we all know it happens. Report them with evidence and CS will take action. I have seen that they have removed a TRS badge from a guy I reported last month, I can only assume it’s related to my (and possibly others) complaint.
Obviously, I suggest that you give the seller a chance to explain themselves first but if their first answer is to cancel then they most likely knew what they were doing and you should therefore report them. If every rant was actually a complaint there would be a lot less sellers like that here.

This is what happens when you expect people to write you good quality blog posts for 1$. Take time, check previous samples, read reviews and talk to seller for a while. You can always deduct if he would scam you or not based on 10 min chat easily.