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Fake Buyer getting problem

Hi Friends
I need your Help guys I having problem an order buyer give me order in 15 and said i give 5 as a tip let me clear one think that order in not 15 to 20 its about 40 to 45 ok when i done my work i sent him files next day he send me a request for a revision when i check revision he send me a new artwork completely changed and said you want to design this one discard last design i said i charge additional on this design because i work on your first design about 6 hours then he create problem i tell all story Fiver customer support but still in buyer fever i m fed up and really dis pointed. Need you suggestion what will i do.


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i agree with you…

Such things happens and unfortunately support team doesnt support you in such matters. Its better not to go for such orders

when you contact customer support then send them the screen shots of the chat between you and your buyer. It will help you. If buyers wants to cancel then you will get 50% of total order amount.

Keep away from the buyer who tips you before ordering.

Sorry, I find this hilarious. Your post has some entertainment value, I give you that.
I can only guess what you are talking about. A buyer negotiated your price down from $40 or $45 dollar down to $20 and suggested to pay just $15 and give you $5 if he is happy with the delivered work.
I’m sorry to say that, but in some way you must have done something to attract this kind of buyer.

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What kind of problem did he create?

I would tell him as you did that he cannot get two designs for only one order.

Send him a custom order for the new design he wants. Then if he threatens you, ignore him. You were smart to tell customer support.