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Fake Buyer Intentionally Damaged My Rating



I just had a buyer pretend to want a custom gig. I began working on the gig with the minimal amount of information that the buyer gave me. I reached out to him (or her) to request additional information, and he (or she) seemed genuinely apologetic for being slow to respond and promised to send the information today. The buyer’s communications were professionally appropriate. Unfortunately, the buyer never sent the promised information, but instead sent two, short, extremely profane messages. The order was almost immediately cancelled by Fiverr Support.

There is no dispute resolution option for this order. I want to use this option to tell Support that I believe that this buyer set out to tank my rating, and likely, never intended to receive a completed project. Despite that I began working on the gig, all funds have been returned to the buyer and my completion rate immediately decreased. I’m beginning to feel as if some “buyers” are intentionally trying to tank the ratings of excellent sellers, which in turn, decreases the number of impressions that we receive, and of course, the number of sales.

Has anyone experienced this? It has happened to me twice now.

I believe that Fiverr should investigate to see if the IP matches that of a seller and if it is, ban that seller’s IP address from the platform.


You can submit a ticket to Customer Support to tell them this (Trust & Safety seems like a good choice), and send them all the proof that you might have.


Thanks, Catwriter.

I just tried to submit a message to Customer Support, but keep receiving this message: “Delivery failed. Please try again.” That’s never happened before, but in this case, it happens every time I click the “Submit Request” button. Weird.


The plot thickens. I searched “fake buyers” in the forum, and good grief, there are a ton of complaints! This is a known issue about which Fiverr has done nothing to resolve. What a shame. :frowning:


The problem with that is people can have dynamically allocated IP addresses. 2 or more sellers could legitimately have used the same IP address at different times, eg. on different days.


I thought about that as well. There has to be something that can be done, however. Perhaps, keeping ALL funds for fake gigs and not returning said funds upon cancellation. Currently, there’s not much risk for submitting fake purchases, but when money is involved, that may change behavior.


They could make it so that cancellations for reasons like this have no effect on completion rate.
And if CS did the cancellation in this case they would know that it was not the seller’s fault so should be able to select an option for it to not affect completion rate or the evaluation.


I agree. The first time it happened and I shared my concern with Support, they assured me that my completion rate would not be affected. That ended up not being true. I’m more concerned with my completion rating than I am with the “buyer’s” rude behavior.


Exactly, I’m so sorry to hear that, it’s definitely harming our career. :disappointed_relieved: