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Fake buyer order with no file attachment

hi there,I received order from client but he did not gave me any details to work on what should i do ?i sent messages but he is not replying

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Hi there @gdesigner555

This kind of situation often happens to new seller.
I agree with you…, this is a scam buyer want to harass new seller.

My suggestions is to ask help from CS. Hopefully they can help you remove this order without harm your delivery rate.


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(General information page:

Did the buyer not submit anything yet (timer not started), or did he fill in the requirements with irrelevant data?

If the former, don’t panic, it might just take time (though if you don’t hear back in a few days, consider cancelling). If the latter, and there’s a very short time limit, then do as suggested in the previous post: contact Customer Support and politely request they cancel the order without affecting your stats due to lack of critical information needed.