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Fake buyer orders my gig without contacting me first then immediately sent a dispute to fiverr saying I can't do the job

This is unfair, some buyers are intentionally placing and cancelling orders on gigs and stating to fiverr that the reason why they cancelled is because the seller can’t do the job but how do you know I can’t do the job when you didn’t even message me and state your requirements.
I feel like this is making me look bad in the eyes of fiverr and it might cause fiverr to rank my gigs low on searches. Not to mention my order completion score getting affected too.
Why can’t we sellers have a feature to choose to reject orders especially those coming from dummy accounts with no profile pic because the buyer who filed the complaint against me did not have a profile picture or any info on his profile at all.
Fiverr is only concerned about the buyers safety and they are mostly the ones causing all the troubles.
All the recent security features are not seller friendly at all.
Don’t we matter to you?

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This could be an unfair sabotage from an envious competitor, I recommend you opening a ticket in fiverr to report this situation, if they confirm that they are false buyers with malicious interests, those cancellations should be deleted from your rank.

My best clients do not have profile pics…

I don’t know about that, but it is your best bet.