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Fake buyer Please help how to confirm


I am brand new here I just made my profile today and I got a buyer with a suspicious name and country.He/She sent me a word attachment with website links in it and asked me to click each and every pop-up in those links.
what should I do? Please help.


Hi @birojitdas

Please report the user to CS.

Crazy of me… Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!!! :wink:


But I am not sure…should I post the profile link here?


Sorry but you can’t. It’s against forum rules.

Why are you saying this? :flushed:


I just wanted to confirm if he or she is really fake or not. But if that against the rule I won’t do that. Once again I am new here.

Thanks for the welcome greeting :slight_smile:


Let me put it this way. This has nothing to do with username or country but with the files he/she sent you and the instructions given.

You should report that user to CS and block!

You’re most welcome !!!


Does your job require you to open website links? If not, inform the buyer (kindly) that you are “unable to” (or will not) open the links. If you don’t know what the links are or where they will direct you to, it’s better to not open them. For all you know, they could be a phishing attempt or a virus. :thinking:


If your gut tells you a buyer is suspicious, they probably are. Listen to that feeling and you will avoid a lot of difficulties. I definitely would not click on their link.


you may reject the order


hehe lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey welcome to fiverr community
Report user to fiverr.
and one more tip never open .vba .exe file.most of the time it contains virus :slight_smile: