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Fake buyer request no reply

Is there any fake buyer request on Fiverr? If there is any, Why authority doesn’t take any measure against them. It’s really frustrating for a new seller to send an offer on a fake buyer request and getting no reply for a single time.


Yes, almost 30% are fake, especially if the BR contains YT link, or a word logo with nothing else in it.

I am sorry but take a closer look at where those fake requests coming from. Think locally, not globaly.

Yes. But only certain people are doing that.

Just saying.


At least you are learning to identify them, and thus be less likely to make an offer.

If it looks fake, don’t bid.


The problem is it doesn’t look fake.

It looks completely authentic real BR.

I know, I applied yesterday to one. It was strange, logo BR, with only 7 offers. I thought I was just early but as I scroll I notice the same BR (identical text) repeating daily.

This is true there have lots of fake buyer. For example

  1. Someone just post I need a website like … (actually this is his website just want to increase the traffic and some ad)

Few days ago I have seen a request just post "… is my website want to make it responsive) When I checked, the website is already responsive so he posted it to increase traffic.

On the other hand there have some actual buyer posted the same. He actually want a website like the example. So it is too difficult to filter out the fake one.

In this case, my opinion is there should be a limitation like every 3-5 buyer request, he must hire someone for the job.

I think 60% buyer request are fake. Even most of the request looks like real.

That’s the point i got. Thank you

Same here, I even found an offer serially 2 times. I just can’t understand how they do it so frequently!

I also wish, if there were something like that

Yes, correct info.
Thanks Fiverr community forum.