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Fake buyer request


I left my fiverr account(600+ rating) for month and they banned me because i and my sister use same pc.I also contact CSO but they said that it is permanently banned and After that i create new account with same services and see that more than 70% buyers request are fake and it is getting difficult to get an order previously i got 75 order after joining fiverr (banned account). Now i am not understanding how to get an order.


If you mean that sellers are posting in Buyers Requests there are numerous posts about this. Have a read through the forum and you will find them.


I read many of those but even sellers are posting fake request and wasting a 10 order a day is like…
After 2 years fiverr is completely changed and this time i feel like quiting it.


As often as I see people complain about the third party seller medium- I also see people’s success stories. As a matter of re-upping your presence and starting over… it takes the same work it does at the beginning of any endeavor.


What is your evidence? No offense but i think your response is very aggressive!


@Jonbass has used what used to be known as a basic hamster level of logic to read between the lines of your original post and highlight the most probable real story behind your original account being banned.

Circumstantial evidence is everything on Fiverr. Dog ate my homework excuses simply don’t cut it.


I hope you really understand that original poster asked how he can get order, not why he get banned reason. I dont think labeling someone in a form is so nice! At the end it just my own opinion!


Indeed it is. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your suggestion


So sorry about your experience. Just leave the Buyer’s Request section and focus on getting direct orders for now.

With time, you should start seeing REAL requests there.

Cheer up mate. :kissing_heart:


Yeah. she is right. reply for buyer’s request. you can get some orders from there


I am saying that 70% of buyers request is fake


Nope. As my experience. there are more real buyer’s request.


I advise you that you clean buyer requests which you think that is inappropriate and with the time you will get on your lists real offers.
I tried that and I succeeded.


Thanks for the suggestion


If someone is new and want more than 30-40 buyers request but still they show only 4-5 out of which maximum seller are promoting themselves and those who are top rated get more that 500 buyers request from my previous experience. Fiverr is improving their service but it not 100% helpful for new buyer.


I work for more than two years and reached that level but only because of single mistake they restrict my account.


my sister is professional web designer and she also get good order. If i have do so i have lot of friends i can use their id also i know TC but i dont know working on same pc will give same ip address and fiverr thoughts that is same person selling other services using another account. That’s nit my fault.


That’s a bold statement. You present it as if it is factual. Would you mind sharing your sources to support this claim?


Alas, there are consequences to breaking the rules. I’m sorry to hear that you have likely experienced one of these consequences first-hand.