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Fake Buyer Requests are Getting Out of Control

Honestly, at first it wasn’t much of a big deal but for the past two weeks, there’s barely enough orders and just a bunch of fake buyer requests from sellers posing as buyers to shamelessly self-promote themselves.

What annoys me even more is that particularly this week I saw a couple of ‘buyer requests’ using translated versions of gig descriptions to promote themselves. Taking gig descriptions and translating them into spanish to promote their “spanish translation skills”

I wonder when is Fiverr going to put an end to this. They should establish a filtering system like they do on your inbox where if you use words such as money and payment, they don’t let you send the message. So for example, if you use terms such as “are you looking for” “I offer my services for” “I’m looking for buyers” then your buyer request gets rejected immediately. I think that could be a short-term solution for this issue. Pretty sure its been suggested before already.

-rant over-

Admin Note: Here is a link if anyone wants to use the existing thread to remind Fiverr that users still want this:

I feel like I’ll suggest this and it could get abused and get out of hand or something, but maybe it’s at least part of a good idea … maybe the Buyer Requests could have a rating or a flag or something, so that when you spot a seller advertising you could tag the entry as “not a buyer request,” and if an entry got flagged a certain number of times, it would automatically drop out of the Buyer Requests section or something.

I like this idea even better, if Fiverr’s support team is too busy to be able to get rid of these sellers plagging the request’s page then leave it to us to flag them down.

Or freeze or ban their accounts if they spam more than three times, then they might get the hint. I hate the “buyer requests” that don’t offer any real insight at what they want the title will just be something like “virus removal” then when you send them a message asking if they need help with it, they then give you their sales pitch, I just straight up tell them they’re abusing the system and will NEVER get a paid gig like this! It’s annoying to say the least, esp since when you reply to these fools you’re wasting one of your offers per day on them, which is another annoying thing, why on earth should we be limited to 10 requests a day, surely Fiverr realizes that you’re lucky to get 1/4 of those ppl replying to your offers, I think 20 or 30 would be better personally but oh well, I don’t make the rules, LOL.

I went into Buyer Requests last week and ran out pretty much 2 minutes later. It’s an absolute wasteland. I did enjoy the kids with their obvious homework requests though. It’s broken and Fiverr is more into fixing up the Forum rather than the actual workplace. That’s how I see it now. The forum did need an upgrade, but it would have been low on my list of priorities. (…cue massive workplace overhaul to make me look foolish and opinionated)

Yes, looks like they push those spammers, I was in need of a graphic designer for a quick job I opened a request and guess what the request was denied!
Fiverr needs to do something about it, quickly!

Well, the best joke is that these requests aren’t seen by buyers, only by sellers. And only by sellers already with gigs in that category.

I want to see a “Flag” feature. We should be able to flag as abusive, flag as not enough information, flag as illegal/against TOS, etc.

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Oops, someone said that :slight_smile: About the flagging feature.

Agreed! And I completely agree with your statement of: “shamelessly self-promote themselves”. It’s actually embarassing being a seller, and then reading it!

We have all raised this with Fiverr so many times why is nothing being done. Can they not but a report link on the buyers request page or a flag to report spam postings?


I agree with you on Buyer Requests. I don’t know what Fiverr I’d doing with the main site. I’m hoping the recent outages will mean amazing fixes soon that will make you look foolish and opinionated. :wink: Of course, hope springs eternal… and eternal… and… well, you get the picture. I really don’t know what they are working on.

If it helps any (and it probably doesn’t) Fiverr isn’t working on the forum instead of the worksite. I know it looks that way. In reality, while I’m sure paid Fiverr devs have to consult and toggle some toggles a bit, as far as I know almost all of the forum work is being done by volunteers. There is some supervision as well in case the volunteers get a zombie virus.

Back to Buyer Requests and the rest of the site issues, though, let us gather some idols/holy books/bottlecaps/statues/crystals or other preferred shiny things and now our heads to hope.

FYI -all of the above has been suggested and discussed in the Suggestion Box forum where Fiverr staff might see it. A staff member did even comment once to say that something was going to be done.

If I can find the thread I will link to it and bump it in case they’ve forgotten… The thread has been added to many times but it’s time to make the wheels squeak again.

OK, here it is with a new bump-up: