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Fake Buyer Requests. Be careful!

Since a couple of months, I notice some special buyer requests.The buyers use request section to get traffic on their website.Another thing is that these scammers offer more money for the projects.They are continuously using buyer requests.Mostly fake buyer requests are from ******** Fiverr should take strict action against these kind of requests.
So don’t waste your offers on these requests.

Country reference removed Fake Buyer Requests. Be careful!


Yes, some people mention their youtube videos link in requests to get views


This has been going on for years which boggles the mind that a fix has surfaced. Have encountered several posts from buyers having problems posting a simple request yet spammers have no problems whatsoever.


Thank you for your kind information.

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Thank you for the warning

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I also noticed now a days most of the buyers request are fake, they give the link to youtube to watch their videos to increase the views, also noticed they quoted budget will be high than required to work for their project.