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Fake buyer VS Fiverr support and order cancellation

Sometimes you will get some buyer who will give you a task. After completing the task he will cancel the order.

But if you are honest and sure about your work. Then the Fiverr support team will help you surely. :heart:

I have a bad experience with this. :cry: And Fiverr support team helps me to get a full refund and remove the cancellation rate. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Just keep in mind,

“Well done is better than well said.”


How can you specially say that the buyer who you will give you a “Task” is always a “Male”?

FYI: Buyer means a person who will buy your service. (the buyer won’t give you a “task” which can be any random thing too). They will order your services.



Actually “He” means all common buyers. We usually use He when we mention random gender. It could be he/she/other. :slight_smile:

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order cancellation is most important :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, you are right. It can be the reason for the level down.

In English, it’s “they”. If you’re unsure whether the person is male or female, you say “they”. Likewise, when you’re being referred to as “they/them” by a buyer, it means that they aren’t sure what gender you are and don’t want to offend you by assuming things.

I’m happy the situation got resolved in your favor, OP. That’s great news.