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Fake buyer, what to do?

What steps can I take for a fake buyer? He(the buyer) told me that he’ll give me projects. And ask me to give a test. I thought he is loyal; He gives me his website access. But after taking the test, he told me that he’ll check it and let me know! But then he didn’t say anything. And then he changes the access password also, and now he is not replying to me about anything. But still using my design is his website. Here is the link to that page, what I made professional look-Bs-Economics – Government College Gulabad … This is really very bad behavior. I think his project offer is fake! And he is fake also!
Now, what to do? should I report him??


I am also face this problem. when I checked buyers profile he was a Nigerian and proposed me same to you. I got it said that I am so busy. you can try better one.

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I always ignored not-rated buyers! But it’s the first time I got mistakes! He wasted a lot of my time.

Just escape them, if you understand he/she is fake and make a report on it

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@schneho_webking you have made a big mistake. without the approval of any order, you don’t start work, if you do it’s happened. you can’t do anything it’s your fault. Fiverr will not help you.
Be careful next time

Best Regards

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just ignore those type of buyers…

Yeah I agree with him, I think you know this, but again for remembering, without placing an order don’t ever give any concepts too.

Can’t report someone you never had an order with. Stop doing free work without receiving payment. Move on with it. If you keep sending messages to them, they may report you.


yes, you can report on fiverr support about this fake buyer

just ignore those types of buyers and report on Fiverr support about this fake buyer.thanks :heart:

What exactly he will report if there was no order? What do you think fiverr support can do if this seller misused the platform and didn’t follow fiverr guidance on handling orders?

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