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Fake buyers, asking for a free ride?

Buyer makes an order without providing Required files, but since I can kinda work around it (albeit at reduced production value) I decide to send him what I can do for him anyway, along with an offer to mutually cancel it, if that’s what he wants…

What follows is some next-level ****** bs.

[image removed - remove the name before reposting]

No revision requests, no messages at all after i delivered, simply a bad review.
Could’ve asked for a cancellation at any time, but did not.

Just goes to show, that as a seller on Fiverr, you are extremely vulnerable and If you feel that something is off about a client, just best to cancel him right away. Drop idiots off right at the doorstep.


I don’t think it’s allowed to show screenshots where the clients’ name is visible.


Well you can see my name, so isn’t it fair that the idiot that wants to ruin my rating unfairly and could potentially do the same to you next is also exposed ?


But you’re choosing to put yourself out here, I believe you didn’t ask the client for his permission to be publicly shamed?

Look, I understand you’re annoyed by that, but I’ve seen you gathered a bunch of really positive reviews already, don’t let this one discourage you. Probably every seller on Fiverr at some point or another got an unjustified review. You can still ask the client what exactly you could have done better as he seemed fine with your work when you delivered.
But saying that he wanted free work done is just not true because he accepted the order and gave you a review, even if it wasn’t a good one. If he had wanted free work, he would have probably asked you to cancel the order after you delivered the product without watermarks.

On top of all of that, please keep in mind that not only sellers use the forum, your client may well see this post and I doubt customer support would work in your favor if the client would complain about it. And potential customers might be scared to order if they see you pointing fingers at former clients.

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Asking a person for his permission to be publicly shamed, I am sorry, but what ?
Do I need to ask a crook if he wants me to report him to the police next?

The guy saw what I was to deliver, he was absolutely fine with it and you can see it.
He could have cancelled at any time before I removed the watermark and he could’ve asked after, I would’ve just cancelled the order even after delivering if I knew he was going to cause trouble.

He could’ve asked for a revision (I provide 3) or he could’ve just told me that I needed to do something because he was unhappy.

As a new seller, these ratings are worth more than money to me and you know that full well. What that guy did is beyond justification.


But we’re not the police nor customer support, we’re forum users. We can’t do much about the reviews you receive. That’s like standing on the street and yelling “This person is a dumbass”, that’s not gonna change anything for the better, you’re just being perceived as “some random guy yelling on the streets”.

My point still stands. Explain to the client that you feel like the review he gave is not justified, tell him that you offer 3 revisions per gig, and if he would like to have anything changed, you would do it. Reviews can still be changed if it’s a mutual request I believe. Though I don’t feel like the quality of your work is actually the problem. As far as I can read from the screenshot it’s about your “professional attitude”.

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Exactly, because FIverr customer support is absolutely clear in how it deals with such issues (it does not), there is nothing anyone can do about it.

So all I can do is leave my own feedback and warn every other seller out there to not deal with this guy.

You can see that the rating system includes a “service as described” sub-rating and this guy is clearly not happy about everything. I am not going to second-guess what he meant by his words, but his actions speak louder than words. He was happy to accept the work, he was happy enough not to ask for any revisions and not to send any more messages, what you saw were his last words and yet he was rude and utterly disrespectful to leave such a review.

What you want to do with that information is up to you. If Fiverr asks me to remove this message, or removes it forceful the be it. But as long as this post is up, I suggest you use my experience and draw your own conclusions, both about this particular customer and any customer you will have in the future.

While I was typing, my image got removed, so I guess Fiverr has spoken.

No, this is not allowed. Please read the forum rules.


I get you’re emotional, but next time, take a day or two before you respond to buyer’s feedback.
You don’t have to take my advice, but I’ll give it anyway for others who read this thread.

No matter what kind of feedback you receive from a buyer, always respond in a polite and professional manner.

There are a lot of buyers just like me who mainly read the negative reviews. We all know that there are all kinds of buyers out there. However, we don’t really care about the feedback as much as we care about your response. We want you to explain what happened and keep your cool while doing it.

Calling your buyer a dirtbag raises the red flag for buyers. This shows that as soon as you don’t like something you let your emotions get the better of you and your language becomes abusive.


Thank you for your advice and it is a sound one, I do let my emotions run wild sometimes.
And I did actually try to change my message afterwards, but somehow the edits are not going through.

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It would definitely put me off ordering and if it is seen by customer service, I would expect you to get an account warning for it. I suggest you change that asap.

I don’t know how or if you can change it. Maybe ask CS, but I would remove that word from it.
Simply state your case and a genuine buyer will understand what happened. :slight_smile:

When you wrote

“If its not what you expected then we can mutually agree to dcancel it”

I think the buyer might have misunderstood your intent. It sounded like… take it or leave it. Full stop.

Also during delivery, it may be helpful to remind the buyer that you can revise the image if there’s anything that he is not happy with it before leaving a feedback.

Yeah I also every time ask whether he/she wants any changes

So if anyone is interested, here is the continuation of this story.

I have tried to communicate with the seller to find a solution, but the guy was oblivious to the issue.

Because I did not want this person to be using my work any longer, I have requested CS to cancel the order, which was granted.

However, despite cancelling the order, due to Fiverr policies, the negative review for this now non-existent order still remains.

I have ordered an inquiry into this order, to try and get Fiverr to review this order, but I do not really have any hopes here either. Since the rules are set, I doubt there will be any exceptions, regardless of who is right or wrong.

But I will reserve my judgement and actions for a later time.

If the technical requirements are not met, I contact the buyer immediately and ask them to fill them out. If they still refuse (“isn’t it enough?” “I don’t have another picture”, “my assistant ordered this and I have no idea what it’s about”, etc.), I cancel based on the fact the buyer actively isn’t willing to honour their part of the agreement.

Delivering something “in good faith” leaves you vulnerable to this kind of behavior, especially with design where you’re basically guessing the other person’s taste based on a sparse information they choose to provide you with. I’d put a stop to it before investing my time.

Sorry for your situation, though. It’s not a good one.

I actually do this as well, but sometimes things just align and this sort of situation happens, even if you are careful.

And this is actually quite a bit more than a bad situation and not just for me, this is a pretty dire situation for all the sellers out there, as it has quite a few implications.

Lets say I have a competitor and I am a little bit dishonest, what is to stop me from making an account, buying his 5 dollars gig and leaving a bad review ? Once, twice, thrice… until his account is no longer viable.
You will be left grovelling and no-one will help you out, because Fiverrs policies take away all your abilities to influence this situation and leave everything in your customers control, and this simply favours this sort of behaviour, where a customer “has you by the *alls” so to speak and has the ability to ruin you in a few simple steps…

If the buyer accepts his right to forfeit the deal, or the CS deems the situation worthy of a cancellation, then there should be no residuals from this deal. This is pretty basic common sense.

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