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Fake buyers now on fiverr?

Please Help me…3 days ago …i received 7 orders…was so happy working on this Order…on the second day Fiverr admins get an order cancelled without any notice.i contact the customer support and i was told the buyer ordered using a fraud system…i accept that…and again today, now orders are ready…need to delivered…and i realised 5 of the 6 remaining orders cannot be delivered…if i try delivering it will redirect me to the inbox page … noticing me that the buyer cannot be contacted…please i need your advice…this have been reducing my delivery and personal ratings…all the orders are now late …please help me

If a buyer cannot be contacted he is or either blocked for security reasons or he is a spammer/scammer who don’t wants to be contacted.

Forget these vague orders and go on with your business.

You’ll need to go to CS and have them cancelled. All of these orders were probably made fraudulently. I had it happen to me 9 times last month… all in one fail swoop practically. Make sure you make them aware of all the orders numbers in ONE ticket… do not create more than one ticket for the same issue for a different order.

it happend to me not to be able to repond to buyers because i have been mark as a spammer without being one. I never sent a SPAM message on Fiverr in my life and never contact anybody because i am a seller…

System has his own faults:)

This is very unfortunate.

I have faith that Fiverr CS is doing all they can to stop this activity.

Please update this post if you get the problem straightened out.

Best of luck.

That is strange to me, you got to contact CS for solution.