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Fake Buyers?

Hi, something very suspicious is happening with one of my gigs and I just want to know if anyone else has ever had this experience.

First off, I have recently started offering 3 x easy video animation gigs. Two of these are getting a lot of views and some interest. However, one of these is also getting orders, 6 over the past week. The problem is when someone orders my gig, I send them a storyboard file for them to complete and return back to me. This way I know what content they want in their video.

Now in 5 of my 6 orders to date, 5 apparently different people have said: “Ok I will wait for you to send me the file,” in more or less the exact same wording. I have then sent the file withing 4 hours, but then in all 5 cases, haven’t had any further correspondence from the buyers at all.

Being a 3-day delivery gig (set up this way to give people time to compose their script) I then wait until the order is in the last 24 hours to message buyers informing them that if I don’t hear anything within the next 12 hours, I will be forced to request cancelation of their order.

Still I hear nothing. In the end, I am therefore forced to cancel each order, only in one case so far, for someone to reject my cancelation (without any reason) as soon as the original order countdown got to zero. My suspicion then is that someone is using multiple accounts and doing this deliberately to give me a phenomenally high cancelation rate.

Moreover, this exact same thing happened last year with my main writing gig. Someone kept ordering over and over without supplying any details, even after I politely told them to please stop. In this case, though, I was able to figure out that it was a new seller selling exactly the same service as me and I warned them that I could see what they were doing and was reporting them to CS. The activity then stopped.

My question then, is am I being paranoid? Or does anyone else experience this kind of activity and is there any way to prove to Fiverr that it is happening?

Thanks in advance, Andy

Man, that’s serious. Yeah, it does look like you’re being targeted, talk to customer support about this.

Yeah, I just don’t understand how or why people do things like this?

I’ve got one order which will finish running down on this gig in a few hours. In this case, I’m going to let it go. However, if I get one more order like this I am going to CS and request that they at least correct my cancellation rate. I have after all, given each supposed buyer so far at least 24 hours notice that I intend to cancel if I don’t hear from them + informed them all that they will be welcome to re-order when they do have their material ready.

It’s just annoying because I really wanted these gigs to take off.

That is suspicious. I’d be checking each account to spot similarities.

Bab buyer story time! I promise this is a little relevant!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a PR for someone. They had a terrible free logo website that they were hoping to take off with an amazing PR for $5. I wrote a PR that claimed that webmasters loved this site because it made it simple to create unique(ly awful) logos for their various niche sites. A week later, I had a response “I don’t like this at all” and a shit review seconds later.

Undeterred–buy annoyed–I went to the inbox to do my usual damage control to no response. As I had nothing else to do, I checked out their profile to discover they were a seller, too. With about 14 reviews. They had joined in November 2015 and only had two reviewers who thought everything was awesome. Thanks to the live portfolio, I could check out the websites, all of which turned out to be Hello World! WP shells, but the WhoIs data was enough. You see, these buyers claimed to be in NY and…can’t remember now, maybe UK or Germany. They were all, however, writing with the very same idiosyncrasies that some Indians write with. Sure, maybe they were immigrants, but like I said, I was annoyed and I put my money on the scam review ring horse and threw the dice.

After I finished my Sherlock Holmes act I wrote to Customer Service with my damning expose and suggested that it was a bit unfair that they get to have glowing reviews while I get a mealy-mouthed “rubbish”. My request was twice declined, but then a nice CS agent “specially reviewed it”, after I’d decided to move on and just write a scathing review that mentioned all the above in the limited characters.

Anyway–no bad review, and their main and vanity accounts are all banned. A sweet $3.95 victoryfor me. If you can link those accounts together and prove a sound basis for your suspicions, Fiverr will (might) listen, and they do have the power to reset certain variables if they have been manipulated.

Congratulations on winning Emmaki. I listen to my instincts when they let me know something is wrong with a buyer.

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