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Fake buyers

Hello !

There are a lot of buyers who contact me for informing me about their request . OK ,I reply them in time ( I don’t late) , I convain them that I can do their work ; it’s OK . Then after a long conversation , they told : " I will contact you later " or they disappear.

So, that make me nervious that I wast my time for that kind of buyers !

How can I know if the buyer wanna really to buy my service or not ???

How would you know if someone is sure about buying your services or not?
There is no way because if you ask them to buy thats not really good

This happens with me either people use to message me a big description about what they want and only reply “Place your order sir and this will be done”

90% of them don’t come back,Its good these are the people who are so confused
Real people will buy your gig and give you honest review/feedback.

Don’t think about them :

This is nothing to get worked up for. @jhallawalla is right. If they’ll buy, they’ll buy.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I will test this solution :slight_smile:

Some buyers check first with several sellers to see what answers they get, but they only choose one. Some want to see if you understand their language and they understand yours. If they feel communication might not go well later, they give you a polite response but don’t come back.

Keep replying, answering questions, perfecting your skills in all languages that you read/write and you’ll get there. I’ve had buyers go away to shop for a better deal or a vacation and 3 weeks later they come back and order. Others disappear. Just keep improving and be patient.

Thank you :slight_smile:


You first try to understand the buyer and compromised every type of buyer. Then you can get buyer services.

bro, how about buyers that give you all his requirements, after some couples of days that you have finalized on the technology and how to achieve his project, all of the sudden he dissappeaed… lol they are many like that (time wasters ).
some you would have even started the project, and they will come to say they are no more interested.
don’t disturb yourself on this time wasters. they are meant to come.

thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t start work if they didn’t order !

“Bro”? Really?

I don’t see that as a problem… customers have the right to ask queries, think or match other deals before buying.

You didn’t understand the kind of clients that I talk about :slight_smile:
I explained of my gigs all my services . They ask lot of questions whitout result !

It is best practice to give the answer of a long description which someone asks you to do or read before placing order. Just reply "Please Place order"
it is not for those who ask only few things or queries. You must reply them honestly.

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It is part of the Game. Don’t lose heart. everyone has to face such things .

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I don’t think its some kind of related to fake buyers.Mostly buyers contact all the sellers ( Related to their work and then choose any one of them.

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You know if he really wants to buy your service at the moment when he buys your service. Savvy?

All you can do is keep replying patiently. After all this is your job, isn’t it? It is natural that people want to estimate who they are talking to before they place their order. I would be more worried with those who just order without any questions. They might not pay for your work most likely and there is nothing you can do.

there are people who likes your service , he told that I will order, then he go.