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Fake clients, scams, and spam

Is it common to get a lot of spam client order inquiries? I have been a voiceover seller on here for a couple of weeks. I have received several messages from “clients” seeking services. I end up conversing with them back and forth. They eventually cut to the chase and reveal they’ve got an “offer” which is a scam. Does deleting these messages and not responding count against my response time rate? Since I have been on here, I have received numerous examples of this. Only a minimal number of my message have been from legitimate customers. I am just wondering how common this is on here. I’ve not had the same problem on other freelance websites. Thanks!

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This may be helpful to you:

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Great. Thanks for pointing me in that right direction. I had searched the forum but didn’t see this particular page. Thanks!


It’s usual for newer sellers to have this happen. It will die out over time.
You can just respond with “ok” and then forget them.

Thank you! That’s good to know. I am glad to hear it’s just a new seller thing. I will wait it out!

It’s more common for new sellers to receive such messages, but the old sellers sometimes get them, too.

After you reply with something (Sorry, can’t help you), don’t forget to report them and block them. With enough sellers reporting them, they’ll be removed from the site.

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You only have to respond to the first message in a timely manner, you can block and ignore the rest.

Thanks for the insight. That helps answer my question!

I appreciate the advice. I will look for the report and block options next time. Thanks!

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