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Fake gaming buyer...that was a scam?

Hello Everyone?

Yesterday a buyer contacted me and asked if i could help him or not. I said i can help you what issues you are facing. He shared me a link and asked that to open. He said its a game and he wants to collect the coins. 5 other people will do the same. I open that, it was a like a game page in some other language which i don’t understand. I texted how can i help in collecting coins? He told me to click any of buttons available there and that will help him. I was just checking the page. I had already done some clicks on that page, over buttons and other places but nothing happens. After that i realized that it can be a scam. I closed the page. Mark that buyer as spam without responding him further.

Anyone of you have faced such scam? It could be harmful for me to open that link? I mean can he run some process on background in my system? Some thing like this?

I immediately cleared my cookies after this as i was little scared.


Of course it was a scam.

A very bad one.

Did you really click on the link? Why would you do that? He wants to collect coins - Ha-ha-ha.

Yes, i did :frowning: At first he just told me he need helps with the game. I got one or two buyers before that were also related to game. They need help to make some changes in their game. Therefore, i though may be want same service.

How it could effect me? Could you please give me some detail?

It can’t affect you, as long as you haven’t downloaded anything.

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Ohhh…that’s good to know. I would be careful next time.

But fiverr couldn’t check these scam urls? There should be some testing. Like when we type @ during a chat with buyer or anything which is against TOC. It immediately give us alert message. Then such url should also be scanned that can cause trouble to seller.

That would take an extremely large amount of people that check URLs 24/7, wouldn’t be worth it

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So? How does he know he hasn’t downloaded anything?

It definitely looks like a scam. If you haven 't downloaded anything its unlikely that you got a malware or anything in your system.
But still to be sure scan your system with a good antivirus and also your browser for browser hijackers , adwares etc.

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Yes, I didn’t downloaded any thing and hopefully i am safe as you say so. I scanned my system earlier today and it was clean. Looking for the browser too. Thanks

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Yes dude, It’s a scam.
Please be careful about further clicking this type of link. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Surely, I would be careful next time. I got confuse because i misunderstand his statement. Thanks

If he downloaded anything, he would still be fine, just that it’s dangerous to have malware on your computer because he could accidentally run it, maybe he forgets what it is and opens it to check.

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