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Fake Gig Deliveries


I posted about this back then, After excuses, I contacted CS, gave screenshots, they cancelled.

This is the first and hopefully last bad gig I order.

I have one that’s coming (from a different seller) tomorrow. in 20-22 hours.

I just don’t think fake deliveries should be made. I would of accepted a message telling me that seller is having “computer issues” but to do a fake delivery…not acceptable.

Overall rating for this seller is 98% (at that time it was 100% or so). There should be something on that gig as well.

I know it is too late, but on my gigs dashboard (buying), I will always have this one cancellation reminder.

I know he/she/it is only ONE Fiverr seller and doesn’t represent anyone else either than him/her/it self.


May be he/she had some issues and in order not to be late made such a mistake. Did he/she explained?

Anyway, it is for sure not good to do like this, but this does not mean that it is a rule for this freelancer (or all freelancers).

I hope this will be the last bad experience here :slight_smile:


Why are you bringing up an elderly order here?


I have 23 orders completed, 1 active and that 1 cancellation. I am happy overall


Because I am ranting and I want the opinions of others. Having a conversation.


Sure, but why now? It just seems strange to me to be ranting about an order (that has since been cancelled) from December is all.


See, without any former communication, I agree that this is really lame. But I have done this in the past, checking with the buyer first to make sure they are alright with that behavior.

Fiverr needs a better way to mutually extend deadlines, as there are situations that both buyers and sellers would benefit.


I checked the seller’s feedback for that gig, someone went through same but eventually got the gig, that buyer mentioned she used same excuse.

If you have equipment issues, communication is the key. I am flexible, just not with fake gig deliveries.