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Fake Gigs

Many Buyer can’t know that which is the better gig for their required work It’s very important for all Buyers to follow the instruction as given below:

  1. First of all check the Seller reviews (this is important because the previous buyers of the gig put their experience via reviews). It is important to judge the seller from buyers’ reviews, not only from their marked stars but also from the comments posted by them.

  2. Second one, check the Portfolio pictures (these pictures can show their previous work and you can easily understand that the gig you are selected are better for you or not)

  3. Some of the Seller trying to cheat the Buyers you have to careful about that. These Sellers cannot communicate the buyers, if you want to cancelled the order they claimed for half money to pay for their progress.

  4. If you have limited budget, avoid to place an order to inexperienced sellers.

Hope the above suggestion are very helpful to all the Buyers.
I will comeback with more suggestion soon

So… research carefully before making a purchase? It’s a shame that people need to be reminded of this basic life skill.

Amen to that.

Yes you are right words. We work for every hour. Because time is money

Many buyers are new to fiverr and they do not know that and its very important to remind them. one more thing is that some buyers prefer the lowest bid first and just check the lowest bid only.

I agree that one should always go by reviews but than every seller is a new seller at some point, so ignoring new sellers just because they do not have any reviews or portfolio would not be fair to them. If you like what they are offering, try to interact with them and then go by your gut feeling. A customer chose me over 30+ offers and took a chance on me when I was new and did not have any ratings or reviews and now he is one of my permanent clients. I would say, if you are not sure about the seller, don’t just go by reviews , try to interact with them and then make your decision.

I have seen ppl selling free templates that you can download with no cost. And they are also doing marketing with those free templates.

There are so many fake profiles in fiverr also there are trustable new coming sellers without no orders like me :frowning: so sad…

There are so many fake profiles in fiverr also there are trustable new coming sellers without no orders like me :frowning: so sad… If any one interst to give me a order in photo editing side I’ll do my best.Thanks You. Here is my profile