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Fake negative Feedback(please Vote for me)


This is my Gig URL …

i alweays Try to satisfy all my Clint ,…

Suddenly ! a Fragglesrock Guy came ! and ordered 5 times …

I delivered 3 And He left negative Feedback on that 3 Gig :frowning:

please check my gig :frowning:

please everyone Vote for me And support that this is a fake/incorrect feedback left by some Stupid …

)))))))))))))))Please Vote for me here(((((((((((((So I will show it to fiverr support and then they can kind on me …

i attached proof too .


If something was attached to the order (the design) the message customer support and they will remove the feedback for being incorrect.


Immediately when I see that you have over 700 positive reviews, I cannot help but doubt the validity of the negative reviewer.

Am I to believe that the nearly 100% of users who like your work are all wrong and the negative reviewer right?

The negatives are strange to me. The numbers don’t lie. If one person leaves you 3 negative reviews out of your 717 positive, then I tend to believe the negatives are coming from someone less than honorable.

That’s just my immediate first impression.

There are times when negative reviews key me into the truth, and there are other times when I know it’s meaningless.

The actual reason behind negatives matter.


Personally? I’m always a little suspicious of people who post this kind of stuff on the forum. Did you actually deliver?

Yes, I know it happens. It’s happened to me. A mean person trying to bring down your feedback score so they do it on purpose.

However, since you have over 700 orders that means you’re not new to Fiverr.

So again, since you’re not new why would you post this stuff here instead of going to support?