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Fake or original

When you consider buying something on fiverr, first doubt that comes to mind is whether the gig provides what it promises or it is just another one of the gigs that hypes your hopes only to let it down after few days of ordering. It has happened to me. They promised to give me a better health by a workout routine and they also promised me to popularize my gig to 10000 of their followers. Nothing happened in both. They were mere lies masquerading as hope. I was disappointed.

Then it occurred to me , maybe all buyers had this experience , they may not have been able to change reviews after a few days of order but their frustration changed into prudence. They became so careful that they hardly used new seller services. They started to think all of new people are scam. I am terrified by this wave of thinking in fiverr. This has devastated the fiverr platform for all newcomers.

The same has happened with me as well.I provide what 100$ can’t provide in market for only 5 $. And I think that the suspicion of buyers has led them to believe I am a liar.

I want to change that for every new user. I want to build trust in fiverr community and make people believe the original products.

Those who are a fake, thieves who draw on emotions of buyers will be reported banned once and for all.


Please comment you opinion. It is a debate. PARTICIPATE

First of all, Fiverr should open for editing sellers reviews.
Now a lot of sellers has fake review because all reviews were got in the moment when orders were completed.
What happens after that time: would ordered gigs last warranted time, would sellers respond on buyers concerns - those all after sellers got their good reviews.

The major problem of Fiverr - they allow sellers get initial review and then sellers can treat buyers as a real junk. I even can not cancel my order if problem were found after 14 days.

right and true i will agree with you

On every platform, there will always be a minority of people who try to exploit the system and spoil our reputation for all of us. That’s not going to change - but I do think that Fiverr has put in place intelligent safeguards so that both buyers and sellers are quite well protected. The ability to edit reviews and refund orders within 14 days are very useful and the fact that Fiverr can take direct action against sellers when multiple complaints are made means buyers can have relatively high confidence.

For the buyer, it’s all about using street smarts… if something doesn’t feel trustworthy, look elsewhere.

For the seller, it’s about creating a profile and gigs that attain to a high quality of grammar, spelling and presentation - making sure to gain the buyer’s confidence through assurances of a good quality of service.

Of course, there will be bad cookies that slip through the net… but that’s life.

I think fiverr should be more vigilant in who they accept as sellers. They are culpable in not doing so and are aiding and abetting fraud. I have only been using fiverr a short time but my recent experiences have been extremely disappointing. I think sellers come on here offering services that are false and rely on the fact that most buyers do not know or understand what they are buying. These sellers take advantage of that situation and fiverr is not doing enough to police that process. I would not recommend fiverr to anyone for that reason.

Reply to @nicktribedesign: I agree.

@nicktribedesign my experience is anything but that. I have an unacceptable 80% rate of failure. That is not the odd one ‘falling through the net’. Where can I find real stats to show real success rates?

Reply to @allfabeta: Actually, the platform is setup pretty well. Buyers can edit reviews up to 30 days after leaving feedback, which is long enough in most all cases to figure out whether the seller actually did a good job or not :slight_smile:

Reply to @daaconsulting: Man, one time, i made a random request of a service fiverr did not offer,about increasing intelligence. You won’t believe some sellers texted me they can help out because they had experience in definition of intelligence. I mean WTF? Not only that , one seller was a dating expert. She figured I was lonely and needed her gig.
Wow. To sellers, please don’t think buyers as fool. I am a seller too.But I don’t do that even when I have not got any orders.