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Fake Order and without starting they oppened a dispute

Hello Fiverr’s,
Today i have received an order from unknown person and in few minutes they opened a dispute to cancel the order by saying i have mistakenly placed an order. What can i do now if i accept the dispute it will rate down my profile. Needing Help please advise.

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With every order like this, I contact CS to have it canceled. I also ask that CS investigates the buyers behavior to see if they routinely do this with other sellers. The cancellation will still affect your ratings but at least this way Fiverr (might) check for evidence of abuse.


you must cancel the order …i also face this kind of situation when buyer place order with order requirements…after few days i contact CS and they cancel my order…so i think you must cancel the order as soon as possible because it is part of business.

Thank you friends i have opened a ticket at CS. And now cancelling the order.

Thank you for advise.