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Fake Order Delivery

Hi, How r u. I am in trouble.
I order a seller for 5 articles, but he submit 1 article and offer me submit the job. What can i do? Someone help me with your valuable advice.

Your seller violated the TOS. Please contact the customer support and describe your situation. They will help you.

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You can open a dispute to the order and warn him that you need all of your work done :slight_smile:
If he failed to deliver the order as promised you can get a refund. If you disgusted with his behavior you can open a ticket on support. Delivering order without completing the task was agreed, is against Fiverr TOS. Support will take care of it.


thanks a lot, how many days a seller get for revision

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It based on the time frame of your order.

warn him,otherwise you can gey payment back to you,no issue

the time for those task 5 days, he was deliver the task two days late, but he not work properly so i want revision. how many time he get for revision?

Late delivery? I think that should be 24 hours. :smiley:

Hi friend, its already 2 day gone, so i am worried about it. can i dispute for this reason?

Yes. Contact customer support.

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