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Fake order for donation and cancelation ratio

I’ve received a FAKE order wich instead of asking me to do the described job the buyer want me to donate on a website, the real problem comes when i want to mutual cancel as the buyer does not want to do it and then i will have to cancel and get a higher cancelation rate…50% of my cancelations or more are not my fault, some of them are like the described here or simple users that said they click by mistake on a tablet device…still my cancelation ratio grows and there’s nothing i can do about it…i wish fiver could review this. As always we as sellers have a great disadvantage.

order below:

I got the exact same order early today. Just ask CS to delete it.

Browsing on fiverr app I too once accidentally clicked on buy…fiverr should introduce confirm button on app

Reply to @startselect: yes i did it and CS helped me :slight_smile:

Reply to @josepaul99: this one was not by accident, they ask for a donation

YOu should report the buyer to customer service. Any cancellation should not be working against you if CS cancels it.