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Fake orders [ARCHIVED]

Hi guys,

I’d like to share with you my experience and ask your opinion.

I was promoted to Level 2 and, in the same day, one of my gigs got featured status: I’m really proud of this!!

I’m a software developer and, as any other in the world I think, I’m skilled in something and cannot do something else; for this reason in my gigs I ask buyers to contact me BEFORE placing an order so we can discuss details (Am I able to do that job? Do I have time to do that job? How many gigs are needed? and so on…).

In my gig “Write C Sharp program” sometimes it happens that a buyer place an order without contacting me before and this is very annoying because you get an order you’re not sure you can do… it’s bad.

But after beeing promoted, I got three orders in two days for which buyers don’t respond to my instructions and the orders remain “incomplete”: I cannot do anything on them.

After half a day one buyer requested to cancel the order and “Fiverr Admin” cancelled it: note that this order appears on my “cancelled orders”…

In my opinion orders for which buyers don’t respond to instructions shouldn’t be considered cancelled, do you agree?

More: other two orders are still there “incomplete” after a whole day; it’s pretty clear that these ones are fake orders: why on Earth someone should place an order and then don’t complete it?

Note that these buyers (different each time) joined Fiverr few minutes before placing the order and never contacted me!

I wrote to support and at the beginning (after some hour) they told me to give the buyer the time to respond… ok, I waited and now I wrote support asking some new about these orders. After some research they asked me if I wan to cancel these orders: why should I cancel them and see them on my cancelled orders? Why should I risk my perfect reputation and my featured status having too many cancelled orders?

I asked support to protect us from this buyers behavoiur (it’s like spam I think) and suggested them not to refund buyers like this.

Do you agree? What do you think about this? Did you have similar experience?

Thanks a lot,


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I have experienced similar situations where buyers ordered and never provide details, even after messages sent reminding them over and over! A few orders were left ‘incomplete’ for more that a week. I have no choice but to ask Customer support to cancel the orders. And yes, I hate to see the "Cancelled’ status :-q

same here… i noted in my gig description that “i do not submit adult/etc spam content/site” but still many buyers order and provide spam content or adult site’ . I have no choice but to cancel the order. :-((

I have experiences such situation, too:(

Hi mark,

Even though I do understand your frustrations, I don’t think that these customers’ refunds should be withheld. There is no way to guarantee that it is truly a “Fake Order”.

There could be many reasons for why someone isn’t cooperating. You have to remember that Fiverr has customers from different countries who speak different languages. Also, there are many people who don’t fully understand how to use computers or purchase things online. Or maybe someone just got sidetracked or interrupted and forgot to come back and complete the buy. I’m not saying that this is always the case, but you do have to put it into consideration.

This has happened to me a few times already, but I just remain patient and after 24 hours pass, I message the buyer and let them know that once they complete the instructions I can get working on their order. So far, for me, all of these incidents have been handled by just a friendly reminder.

You might want to try repeating your request a couple times for people to contact you beforehand in your description. Or even by making a graphic to post in your examples saying to contact you first.

Best of luck


Hi allysonmichelle,

I do tell my customers to contact me BEFORE placing an order :smiley:

Anyway, those orders stay there from five days…

Agree with mark, and may add some more.

I have pretty detailed description of my gig and also suggest to buyers contact me before ordering, just to make sure I can perform.

Half the time they either place an order, which is completely out of the scope of my ability or it becomes long and wasteful back and forth discussion. That takes too much of my time.

And we are talking about $ 5.00 here

Couple of times, cs did the right thing and cancelled orders that were clearly outside my gig description.

After losing Express Orders due to the time the order was placed, until the instructions were completed, I have “delivered work” to the buyer asking for the required information and explaining that I have a deadline. This has only resulted in the buyer giving the information requested and all has been well.

I have had same experience. On about 3 different occasions, buyers who joined fiverr just few minutes placed an order which I delivered only for them to request for cancellation few minutes after delivery. I was annoyed after the 3rd experience and wrote to support. I was told that sometimes it may be the buyer has problem with Paypal and there was need to cancel.

Yeah i’ve had people who order and just disappear many times.

I agree with you on both points! I’ve had both these problems before…had to had admin cancel an order that someone didn’t respond to, and I STILL have an old “incomplete” order from months ago that never went through. I’ve waited on asking them to force the cancel for me because I don’t want it to effect my ratings, as I’ve been trying everything in my power to become a top-rated seller.

I’m in the same boat… Right now i have 7 cancelled orders because of stuff like this. My opinion, if they order the gig and don’t fill out the instructions it should be there loss

I still have one order in queue… where buyer does not respond to my instructions… and order delivery time is still not started yet…

So true… I’m not an experienced user… I’m a newbie… but I also have faced such situations… That is really annoying… Fiverr team should take some steps for this :slight_smile:

i think this is our competitor that is only read our instruction or techniques then make a duplicate service to offer …

i hope there is a penalty or warning to buyer that is not really serious in ordering some gigs/services :-bd

@timoran: I think that if Fiverr won’t refund these kind of buyers, they will stop this… or we can make money for free :smiley:

I think I have one of those fake buyers right now who ordered a gig. :confused:

Reply to @thefacebookgeek: I see those orders from time to time and if the customer does not respond within 2 days, I ask Customer Support to cancel the order.

I’ve already gotten two of these orders and my gig hasn’t even been active for more than two days. One of the accounts was made just minutes before purchasing my gig! :frowning:

I just received an order by “mistake” says the spam buyer. They want me to promote their unprofessional website and that isn’t even close to what my gig is about. I provide color readings for people and that’s the gig this fake decided to order. I don’t have the luxury of them not completing my instructions, instead they ordered and provided their fake and outlandish request in response to my instructions that have nothing to with promoting people’s fake work. :confused: I requested them to cancel the order and read that if nothing happens within 2 days then the order is canceled. Hopefully, this doesn’t effect my status. If it does than I must just keep building my @Fiverr reputation back up.