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FAKE orders, do you cancel?

Omgosh! I get hit with my first order that I think I have to cancel and it may or may not affect my status. :confused: This is what the message says… "Sorry, I meant to message you. Could you please cancel the order. Not sure yet.

Actually, if you still want the 5 dollars, if you could endorse this page and perhaps get a few of your friends to endorse/share.


I would accept the order as completed"

Honestly, I think this is a set up to be honest to affect orders, what do you think has this source contacted you before and ordered but requested a cancel???

Mm, I would delete that link… a sheriff will do it anyway.

I’d just cancel it. 1 cancellation wont really hurt you if you are getting orders consistently. Better safe than sorry, honestly.

Omygosh…hahaha it’s a scammer.

I put in a request to have the user blocked or suspended from Fiverr. I am sorry I placed this link in here :confused: I just wasn’t sure if other people got hoodwinked by this person again. Thanks for the feedback.

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vedmak said: I would mark it delivered, reply with Done, and call it a day.

Makes sense to me.

M’dear…you’ve just had you’re first “Dirtbag Alert.”


HAHA oh my! The honest Abe in me didn’t think of that lol

I’m really fed up of all these people who either genuinely don’t read the Gig description or do not understand your Gig cos English is not their native language and ask you to cancel. Then there are those who order and cancel to undermine your Gig ratings. Its so sad that we are at this point here :frowning:

Reply to @love2write4u: Irritates me as well.