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Fake orders

Hi, guys!

First of all, I’m sorry if there’s any other thread on this but I couldn’t find it.

I keep getting orders (from different users, on different gigs, of different costs) and then the customer informs me he/she did not know anything about that. We mutually cancel it and everybody’s happy. Today, while away from the computer I receive a message telling me about an order I NEVER placed, from a seller I never seen. HOW is that possible and why?

I immediately requested a withdrawal of my money… It seems that our money are no longer safe here. Money disappearing from people’s accounts(sellers or buyers) is deadly serious.

I did, of course, sent a ticket to Support but I’m wondering if this happened to any of you guys.

I’ve placed orders by mistake while using Fiverr on my iPad.
The screen is too sensitive and I click on order by mistake.
It has happened 2 times already…
I’m guessing it happens to other users as well, so that could explain the orders you’ve received by mistake.

Not sure about the other half though.

I know people can order by mistake, I have no doubt about that. But what about the order I supposedly placed myself while away from any device?
Anyway, now Fiverr Team is informed about this and I scanned everything and changed passwords around here. But I strongly advise everyone to keep an eye open about this!

No this never happened with me. You should change your password right now.

I know, I know, did that already :slight_smile:

I’ve just experienced this myself. Someone placed an order as me, and maxed out my available funds ($145) to place an order that they will deliver me in 24 hours. What the order claims to do isn’t even possible in 24 hours. I’ve used the resolution center to request a cancellation however this will only happen if the other side mutually agrees, otherwise I have to wait 2 days for it to go through. Therefore my money will disappear from my account and it’ll be too late.

This is a worrying moment for me.

You need to contact customer service and let them know you never placed the order.

Please contact Customer Support about this.

in this case, strong password is worth it

Few things I can suggest:

  1. Contact Fiverr support (Which you’ve already done)
  2. Change your password and make it hard to guess or break.
  3. Did you ever click on any link that were sent over to you in a message by any seller?