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Fake Paypal Account withdrawing your funds


A fake Paypal account has been associated to my Fiverr account and the scammer has been withdrawing my funds through the fake Paypal account. I would like the Fiverr team to change that Paypal account or permanently disable funds withdrawals through Paypal.

Please help me as my hard-earned money is being stolen by some online thief. I would appreciate if the Fiverr community acts quickly and helps me save my money from the thief.

Thank you so much.

PS: I have contacted Fiverr Customer Support. The reason to post this here was to save other sellers from these scammers.


The Fiverr team isn’t present in the Forum. To get a hold of them, you must get in contact with Support (at the bottom of the page on their website).


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Yes, I have done that too. I just posted this here so that no one else has to go through what I had to.


Reply to @susanandrews: You should also get in contact with Paypal. Perhaps they have ways of checking if a transaction was made via Fiverr for the amount that you had? Good luck.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: Thank you so much. I’ll do that right away.


Reply to @susanandrews: So were you able to get that Paypal account changed back to yours? I know it usually takes a while to hear back from CS, so I definitely hope there’s a positive outcome to this situation you’re going through.